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CHP installation  syngas

Syngas CHP


Economic and efficient CHP modules


2G SYN-TEC  technology offers values syngas obtained by biomass gaseification process.Syngas cogeneration system produces thermal and electrical energy at a combined efficiency exceeding  80%. 2G Innovation distinguishes both by unmatched performance and through added value of modern technology at a high level of excellence. SYNGAS CHP are not standard, these are specifically engineered according to the features needed in the case of each client. 2G technology, with the highest level of energetic efficiency, ensures long duration of use and lower maintenance costs, generating the desired economic results.


Technical features of syngas CHP:

Equipment Electrical energy produced
Agenitor 206GS 80 – 120 kWh
Agenitor 306GS 250 – 370 kWh


Modular design and internal construction of 2G SYN-TEC determines a fast installation and a flexibility in terms of power requirements, according to client resources, which can increase along with the development of investment.


SYNGAS modules have thermodynamic optimization, especially developed for a mixture of gases, including: hydrogen (H2), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen (N2). 


The factors which influence the quality of the gas are:

  •  the type of  waste used
  •  waste humidity
  •  the amount of hidrogen  resulting from gasification
  •  the amount of gudron from syngas 


As a supplier of SYNGAS CHP, B-Team Energy and Environment consolidates its services of three basic principles: efficiency, reliability and sustenability. The success accumulated by 2G in years of experience is proven in thousands 1500 2G MAN  cogeneration systems on natural gas, biogas and syngas, manufactured, delivered and installed worldwide since 1995. 


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