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bteam energy cogenerare instalatii


B-Team Energy and Environment offers cogeneration and trigeneration solutions using advanced CHP systems with the highest electrical efficiency on the market.


B-Team Energy and Environment company is the exclusive representative in Romania of the German technology leader 2G Energy, supplier of CHP on natural gas, biogas and syngas.


We offer various solutions for any type of biomass plant by the help of companies M+M TURBINEN TECHNIK and LAMBION.


Equipment are adapted to all consumer needs, having a power range between 50 KW and over 10 MW. Also, the systems can operated by using different fuels.


Simultaneous production of electrical and thermal energy in the process of cogeneration presents the following advantages: 

  • Energetic independence
  • Cost reduction
  • Fuel  economy
  • Decrease the amount of pollutants and CO2 emitted into the atmosphere


Along with our partners we can provide the management of the entire project which integrates services in: feasibility, design and engineering, financing, equipment supply, installation, services and maintenance.


B-Team Energy and Environment develops  for its customers  a flexible work-concept for all requirements.  


The 4 principles of the Energy Efficiency Concept are: