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cogeneration projects

Our projects

1. Penitentiary Gherla, Cluj 

Natural gas CHP equipment

Electrical performance at 150 Kw, thermal performance at 226 kW

In operation since 2008


2. Wastewater treatment plant Lujog, Timis

Biogas CHP equipment 2G-KWK-100 BGG

Electrical performance 100 kW, thermal performance: 123 kW

Customer S.C. Adiss S.A. Baia Mare 


3. Park Hotel, Buzias, Timis

Natural gas CHP equipment on natural gas 2K-WKW-200 EG

Electrical performance 200 kW, thermal performance: 263 kW


4. Wastewater treatment plant Turda, Cluj

Biogas dehumidification equipment, with a capacity of 200 m3\/h

Customer S.C. Ecoterm S.R.L. Bucharest


5. Wastewater treatment plant Danutoni (Petrosani)

2 biogas cogeneration equipment 

Each equipment with an electrical performance of 190 kW and thermal performance of 218 kW


6. Wastewater treatment plant Constanta Sud

Biogas CHP equipment 

Electrical performance 370 kW, thermal performance: 423 kW

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