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Economic and complete trigeneration system


Trigeneration have became an efficient solution of the future for the production of cold storage spaces both in the field of provision of services, as well as in industry. During the trigeneration process, water cooled is obtained from the thermal energy through a chiller with adsorption silica gel from SorTech. Anywhere is available heat from solar systems, from cogeneration, or any type of industrial residual heat or heat from other sources, innovation SorTech proves a high cooling power in comparison with conventional chiller upgrades, with the average absorber silica gel. Alternative intelligence trigeneration SorTech constitutes a benefit to the consumer, because it comes to greet him with a wide range of cooling solutions, regardless of the choice of organic sector for the production of cold.


Designed to withstand the system with adsorption chillers SorTech shows in 2 constructive sizes, actual cooling power from 8 up to 15 kW. By installing the series more equipment can be achieved higher levels of power in an economical way and convenient both for the user and for the environment.The major advantage which defines and differentiates SorTech technology in the process of operation is its ability to generate chilled water, starting from the heat source temperatures of only 55° C. This presents a major importance, especially when it comes to solar systems because of the cooling effect can be guaranteed even with the use of solar collector plate, in conditions of moderate solar radiation.


Surprisingly design is complemented by a pumping station and a re-cooler, rigorously adapted and optimized for each type of adsorption chiller. SorTech specialists are present at any time for advice regarding the maintenance, operation, and installation of system integration.

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